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About us

RACDAN is registered in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as an association of automotive Components and parts dealers in Nigeria. Registered in 2017, most of the members are drawn from existing and potential dealers. Essentially the association aims to support members to realise the full potentials of their business through various programs and projects. This is by way of sourcing their products , marketing and overall aftersales support to the Nigeria automotive sector. Clusters for trade and backward integration will be vigorously pursued; RACDAN aims to separate itself from all similar organisations by a very strong commitment to sourcing and providing only components and parts that meet with quality requirement by OEM and after market. This particularly addresses the incidence of Fake parts and components prevalent in Nigeria and which has been a great source of concern for safety by motorists. It means that some of the program will involve alliances with quality laboratories and standards authority. RACDAN will consolidate relationship with similar trade associations globally. This include South Africa Automotive Components Association, China, India, Morocco.  

This association was formed as a platform for the provision of components and parts of global standards for the Nigerian automotive sector.

The Background:
The Nigerian automotive sector is dominated by imports of components and parts that largely fall short of acceptable standards. The consequence has been economic waste in terms of expense on substandard parts and consequently loss of lives. The automobile is a safety item and there should be minimum tolerance for less than optimal performance of all components and parts. RACDAN is therefore established to ensure that this gap is closed.

Investment support Strategy
RACDAN will invest in common facilities for backward integration by its members. This means that its members will invest in manufacturing products that they import eventually by for instance jointly setting up a Central Press Shop, or a Mold and Die Facility etc; invest in automotive supplier parks for the replacement market and eventually for the Assembly plants; Provide access to trade finance.